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Complete an Apprenticeship whilst working at a STERIS IMS Sterilization Facility

Complete an Apprenticeship whilst working at a STERIS IMS Sterilization Facility

You can complete an Apprenticeship whilst working at a STERIS IMS Sterilization Facility. Interested? Read on to find out more.

Did you know that STERIS Instrument Management Services have been awarded government approval to deliver apprenticeships for employees within the business? This is an amazing opportunity for existing employees looking to expand their skills and knowledge.

What is an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a way of gaining on the job training. During an apprenticeship, the learner will gain hands on experience, working in the role that they are training for. This is often accompanied by course materials, observations and other methods of learning. Find out more about apprenticeships here:

There are now a number of STERIS apprenticeships available throughout STERIS IMS including: Healthcare Science, Customer Service, Supervisor and Team Leader.

Paul and Emily are currently on their learning journey for the Healthcare Science Apprenticeship and are based at the Sheffield IMS sterilization facility.

This was an ideal opportunity for us to take a closer look into the world of being an Apprentice whilst also working in a sterilisation facility.

The Qualification

Paul and Emily have chosen the BTEC Level 2 Healthcare Science Apprenticeship. It is made up of five pre-selected mandatory units. There are also a number of optional units that the learner can select based on their current job role.

Here at STERIS we specialise in decontamination and sterilisation for our Healthcare Science Award.

The Apprenticeship is usually completed over the course of 12 months. However, as this is a new apprenticeship to the business, it has currently been extended to 15 months.

Paul’s Journey

Having over 17 years of experience in the sterile services sector, Paul decided to enrol onto the Apprenticeship to gain a formal qualification for his current job role which he can then combine with his experience.

So far, Paul has completed two of the course units and has gained knowledge on employee rights, responsibilities and how these fit within the job roles within a sterilization facility.

One of the units that Paul has completed discussed basic workplace procedures and practice. Paul has gained insight into why certain practices are important within the sterilization process and has explored the legal regulations that guide these practices.

Paul explained that he has worked with his production manager to create a schedule for his Apprenticeship work. This is based around the facility production workload and times.

Paul spends Mondays working on his Apprenticeship and the rest of his week is focused on his day-to-day role. There are of course, times when he can complete work for his Apprenticeship on the job, such as observations by his assessor.

We asked Paul if he had a personal goal for the completion of this apprenticeship. “I would like to gain a better understanding of my role and the way my job is carried out. I would also like to assist in the training of less experienced members of staff who are learning about the different areas of operation within the unit.”

Emily’s Journey

Emily is looking to develop and progress her career. She has enrolled onto the Healthcare Science Apprenticeship as she believes this will assist her in achieving her career goals.

During her Apprenticeship journey, Emily has learned more about STERIS IMS as a company and how it operates and communicates with Customers. She has also gained knowledge on how to correctly store and manage surgical inventory stock.

Emily explained that there are lots of aspects to completing this Apprenticeship. So far, she has undertaken written projects and has spent time researching in preparation for professional discussion.

She has also taken part in observations with her assessor. Here her assessor observes Emily whilst she completes her day-to-day role and assesses how she completes a task relevant to the qualification units.

We spoke to Paul and Emily’s Production Manager

We wanted to find out how the production team has been supporting Paul and Emily in their learning journeys. We also wanted to find out how this has affected the facility.

So, we spoke Simeon, Production Manager at the Sheffield sterilization facility:

“Even at this early stage it seems to be an enormous success, they both have shown a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm and are already taking the initiative to improve some site processes. Paul did this when writing dental work process. I also allow them to study at a time and pace that suits them.

I can see nothing but a positive impact to the site, be this on the job training or off the job. I catch up with them regularly and I look forward to each progress update from them and the STERIS IMS training team. I personally get a lot of pride in their progress. By providing our employees with new skills and developing their learning we are creating an even better experience for our Customers and their patients and a real motivation for individuals who can see we are making investments in them and their future.

I really do encourage more sites to take up the Apprenticeship as they will see the benefits. Employee engagement for one. I think this should be an objective for all technicians.

I cannot speak more highly of the scheme and the training teams support of the learners is exceptional.”

Both Paul and Emily are at the start of their learning journey. We wish them all the best for the rest of their qualification and hope to catch up with them again nearer their date of completion to see how they have progressed and what they have learned whilst completing the Healthcare Science Apprenticeship.