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Content is key

Content is key

Repurpose + value = content marketing

Like it or not, the face of public engagement has changed.  In this increasingly digital world, PR is no longer about spreading messages to the passive, un-reactive public.   Our audience is now more digitally active than ever- even participating in sharing the message.


To incorporate content marketing into your marketing mix is relatively simple and could even include the re-purposing of content you already have (such as press releases and by-lines) into fresh content you audience will love.  A single press release can be re-purposed into a SlideShare presentation, a blog post, an infographic, a linked in news update or even a recent editorial opinion article that was written for the local newspaper.


Don’t just take our word for it ! In 2016 Forbes Magazine made several predictions around the role and influence of social marketing in our society of consumption

  • A rise in hiring dedicated social media employees, rather than giving existing employees responsibility for social media.
  • A rise in the use of news aggregator sites, allowing for content to be published in one place and for marketing teams to share ideas for new products and services
  • A rise in guest blogging and vloggers in an attempt to influence consumers
  • Businesses will no longer rely just on copy text, video and pictures will take their place as reigning supreme in the Land of Content.

In 2019 even the non-marketers reading this article will note how many of these predictions are now common place.


Need more persuasion that content is key? consider the way news has become more immediate and reliant on consumers to fill in the gaps traditionally communicated via a Newswire. Traditional news agencies and reporters have been moved aside by new style front line publishers, bloggers and corporate content creators.


In this environment the objective is to control your message with what you want to say.


We have created a template for you to create your own content plan.


  1. Think out of the box when it comes to what content you could share. For example that service re-design that is largely an internal project, would the public like to know more about why this came about and how it’s being managed – could you use a time-lapse camera to capture its journey, how many additional patients can the service help each year – could this be an infographic ?
  2. The public embrace stories of triumph and overcoming the odds what patient stories can you share (making sure your consent policy is water tight of course )
  3. What clinicians are leading on interesting areas of surgery or research, think of the people this information could help
  4. Everyday hero’s are everywhere in your organisation showcase them, they will value the recognition and the public will feel a sense of familiarity with their local healthcare provider
  5. How does your organisation work with primary care, how do the care pathways work ? Create infographics and content which can also be used by primary care services


Remember everything is relevant and interesting it’s all in the pitch