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Mandeep SSV Pledge

Mandeep SSV Pledge

Mandeep’s Pledge for Sustainability and Social Value

“I am strongly passionate about focussing on those less fortunate than me and so I will consistently support the local Doorways foodbank charity. Now more than ever, people need basic support to survive”

There is a big focus on many rights issues, human, animal and planetary! But I’ve always been passionate about a basic human necessity…food!

As much as I believe we need to look after our planet, we equally need to look after each other.

There is a perception that poverty is an issue that impacts ‘other’ countries, but it is a problem that affects many UK families, now more than ever, due to the economic impact of coronavirus.

This really came in to focus with the campaigning that Marcus Rashford undertook to ensure free school meals to support those families who depend on them.

No one issue has greater importance than any other, they are all important to a prosperous future for all in society. However, I would encourage others to consider the impact that lack of food has. It is something we take for granted so easily these days…would you be able to focus at work with an empty stomach? How would your health deteriorate? How can we expect children to learn under such challenging circumstances with empty stomachs?

This really hit home, especially reflecting on my own childhood experiences – whilst we were a low-income family there was always food on the table.

Me and my wife happened to drive past a local food bank when the first lockdown (and furlough) kicked in. There were hundreds of people in the queue, it was a real jaw drop moment and it stayed with us.

So, we now regularly provide donations by way of produce and household goods or by monetary donation (usually this depends on whether the charity has oversupply of food that weekend).  As a minimum we will always buy (or donate the equivalent of) enough for two children to have breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week.

Where we can donate more, we will.  I encourage others to at least consider the socioeconomic challenges in their local community and how they can support.