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Meet our Senior Quality Manager

Meet our Senior Quality Manager

Hello Senior Quality Manager John Crompton!

What made you pursue a career in Quality Management?

When a family or loved one requires medical attention you want to ensure that they get the best care possible and that the devices and equipment used are of the highest possible standard. The opportunity to contribute to the care provided to people when they are at their most vulnerable is what drives me to exceed at my job. Quality management plays a central role across all our services and we aim to ensure patient safety by applying consistency in all our processes as well as identifying new ways to drive efficiency and improvements.

Why is effective Quality Management so important within our industry?

I think it is important to remember that for our products and services the end Customer is a patient. A patient whom is at their most vulnerable and whose safety is of the highest priority. Without a strong quality management system and a culture which favours and promotes the implementation of that system, we cannot guarantee patient safety. For us, the safety of patients is the sole focus of all quality management related aspects.

Meet the Reprocessing Quality Team: Christian Scott – Regional Quality Manager, Catherine Randall – Regional Quality Manager North, Ronan Mackey – Regional Quality Manager South, John Crompton – Senior quality Manager STERIS

How does STERIS work to ensure a consistent focus on Quality?

One really important factor is to ensure that we promote ownership of processes at every level. This allows us to create a culture of quality where everyone understands the importance and impact of their role. It is also essential to praise new ideas, promoting an environment where people are encouraged to drive continuous improvement.

What are the biggest quality management challenges for our industry?

A consistent challenge is to ensure we adapt to and implement any regulatory and legislative changes. To adapt quickly demands a strong, versatile team and well defined processes. Ironically, frequent changes to Customer requirements and/or regulations are the biggest initiator of process change. This may be defined as a challenge but it is also our greatest opportunity to identify improvements and enhance as a company, but also as an industry.