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Mental Wellbeing in the workplace

Mental Wellbeing in the workplace

STERIS Instrument Management Services has launched a mental health and wellbeing programme across its UK business to tackle the stigma of mental health issues and support team members who may be experiencing mental health issues.

In September 2018 the HR team and other managers across the business undertook training in providing mental health first aid. This is the first in one of many steps in our commitment as a business to support our workforce physically and mentally and with 1 in every 4 people experiencing mental health issues at some point in their lives (Source: Mental Health Foundation) it is important that our teams feel supported without judgement of any symptoms they may be experiencing and recognise that this is a much more common issue than they might think.

There are many types of mental health issues including: anxiety and panic attacks, bipolar and other mood disorders such as depression, eating disorders, obsessive compulsions, personality disorders, PTSD, psychosis and schizophrenia, self-harm and suicidal feelings or irrational thinking. Mental health issues can affect anyone at any time and as a business we recognise the impact that having a mental health issue has on an individual’s life and the responsibility we have as an employer to any team member who might be affected.

The first step in helping to roll out the mental health and wellbeing programme is by participating in World Mental Health Day on October 10th which encourages open dialogue around mental health issues.


“We spend most of our working lives surrounded by colleagues, it is often these colleagues that may notice if something isn’t quite right with another colleague and so, by introducing a tea and talk day we hope that anyone who is struggling or maybe doesn’t realise they are struggling with their mental health to feel they can confide or discuss any concerns they may have in an informal and non-judgemental environment with their peers, manager or a member of the HR team. It is important that we nurture a culture that challenges stigma of mental health first so that our team members feel they can ask for help or even that if they are having a bad day that it is okay to talk about it with a trusted colleague or peer without fear of judgement. As a business our responsibility is to signpost or support that team member to ensure they get the right level of help and support for their needs.”

— Charlotte Johnson, Senior HR Business Partner.


World Mental Health Day is on October 10th and everyone can get involved. Please visit The Mental Health Foundation website for further information.