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STERIS have supported my learning journey and that hasn’t changed even in lockdown!

STERIS have supported my learning journey and that hasn’t changed even in lockdown!

Jess Billington – STERIS Customer Service Level 2 Apprentice

A lot has changed since we last spoke to Jess who, is now halfway through the Customer Service Apprenticeship qualification. Not only has Jess continued to work but she has continued to study towards her BTEC level 2 qualification whilst in lockdown. Here in the marketing team, we thought that this was the ideal time to catch up with Jess to see how she is progressing and how importantly, how she has coped with the changes to her working and study.

Here’s what she had to say:

You are half-way through your Apprenticeship now. What difference has it made to your knowledge and confidence at work?

I think it has made a huge difference!

My knowledge has improved in terms of Customer service and I also feel I have a better understanding of the business and the importance of Customer loyalty.

Previously I would have a sense of reluctance when dealing with any complaints or queries that weren’t part of the order process but my new skills have brought me a new found confidence and I will comfortably deal with Customers every day and ensure I find the outcome for them.

So, lockdown. How has this affected your ongoing studies?

I have been really fortunate in being able to carry on studying for my assignments and unit modules so there really is no change there. The only difference is that instead of face-to-face support and visits, I am completing work and gaining tutor support remotely using video conferencing.

We have still been able to do the professional discussions with no problem and the training team have been fantastic throughout this lockdown.

How has STERIS and your Assessor supported you throughout the lockdown?

I have been given lots of time to complete my assignments whilst balancing my work commitments. Claire (Head of Training STERIS IMS) is brilliant and always helps me out if I need any information to complete an assignment or, if I have any questions, she answers them or guides me in the right direction.

My colleagues and management are also very supportive of my learning journey. If I ever have a meeting with Claire or do any off the job learning the rest of my team pick up the work, so I don’t have to worry about it getting done whilst I’m busy learning.

I have a great team, a great learning team and I work for a great company who is supporting my development.

Tell us more about off the job training

So, I basically work by shadowing and learning about other roles and processes outside of my own in the business. I have worked in the warehouse a few times picking the orders that I originally logged onto the system (which I really enjoyed). I also went out with one of our drivers to deliver the orders. This meant I was able to see and understand the full sales and order cycle from when the orders are placed to when they’re delivered to the hospital.

I found it very interesting and now if they ever need any help in the warehouse, I can also lend a hand!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing a STERIS Apprenticeship Qualification?

Do it! without hesitation, do it!

I have loved doing this course as I’m always wanting to develop my skills and knowledge. Undertaking this course has really helped me with that.

I know have developed a passion for learning and found that this qualification has made me want to progress onto the Level 3 in Customer Service so I can progress as far I possibly can and learn as much as possible.

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