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We Ask Abby All About Her Apprenticeship

We Ask Abby All About Her Apprenticeship

Abby recently joined STERIS Instrument Management Services (IMS) as a trainee sales associate where she currently works alongside our surgical instrument and medical device sales and repairs team.

As a new team member, we thought we would take the opportunity to ask Abby all about her apprenticeship with STERIS IMS, why she chose this route into the business and what she has learned so far.

Tell us more about the apprenticeship scheme and what is involved?

My apprenticeship is titled a trainee sales associate and it gives me the opportunity to learn about how to be an effective sales associate as I work, resulting in a level 2 qualification in Customer service. There is no such thing as a “typical day” but generally I have one admin day a week and that is when I complete my course work. I have an allocated tutor who comes to visit me every 4 weeks at the Hoddesdon Office and he sets me tasks to complete for when I next see him, this is all part of the apprenticeship route by blending learning with vocational experience gained from working and earning a salary.

How long is the apprenticeship for?

My apprenticeship is around 12/15 months.

What does you average day look like as an apprentice with STERIS?

As I mentioned there is no such thing as a typical or average day as every day varies significantly and that is a part of this personal development process that I really enjoy.

Recently I was given the opportunity to shadow the other sales representatives in my team, visiting various different hospitals around the south of the country and learning new skills and techniques as well as gaining valuable product knowledge.

I regularly meet new Customers and as a result of my conversations these often result in me identifying and generating new leads, this is one of my favourite parts of the role as I have gained an understanding into my Customers worlds and what solutions we have for their needs, ultimately resulting in my contributing to patient care.

My admin day is more desk based and consists of completing my course work. I also have some days where I will be on training courses in places such as Northampton and Royal London Hospital. Recently I got to visit the AfPP Conference at York University where I met more new Customers.

Why an apprenticeship with STERIS?

I have always had an interest in sales and people. The medical industry has always been fascinating to me as I am able to use my learning and skills to improve the lives of others. After researching the company online, I thought STERIS IMS seemed a great place to work and grow within my career. I am very much looking forward to seeing where my apprenticeship can take me.

Share your top tips for what you have learnt so far?

So far, I have learned how to interact with new people in many different scenarios and listen to their individual needs. I have learnt what types of products STERIS sell, how the repair business works and the importance of time management. My product knowledge is also increasing every day (and I have some great coaches in the form of the sales team to help me with this).

And when the apprenticeship ends?

Well, ultimately my personal goal is to remain working within the sales team to help as many patients as possible