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Why Every Organisation Needs a Social Media Posting Assessment

Why Every Organisation Needs a Social Media Posting Assessment

What does great digital marketing look like? How do we effectively communicate with the general public?

In a world of marketing noise, we recognise the need to stand out whilst creating an immersive digital experience for our end users. With increasing expectation from consumers, healthcare providers are no exception! However, with all of this advantage, can come the requirement for managing negativity and unwanted attention.  From trolls to spamming, large organisations have a responsibility to provide information and respond to engagement appropriately, even when it is challenging in nature.

It is important that any organisation acknowledges that if you have social media channels or forums, you have inherited a risk which cannot be mitigated. The good news is it can be managed! If you are willing to accept this element of risk, it is advisable to create a mechanism for effectively managing it.

We have prepared some key materials and guidelines for how you might achieve this:

  1. Identify key spokespeople within each department
  2. Ensure your key spokespeople are media trained
  3. Embed managing reputation online into the induction programmes of all middle managers and up (this creates an observation network so any potential issues can be flagged proactively)
  4. Create a social media etiquette guide for all staff reminding them of their responsibility as employees (and recommending staff lock all of their profiles)
  5. Create a content plan writing about initiatives and key people who hold key roles in your organisation, opening the doors to your organisation by showing your audience the human side of your organisation. This approach compels loyalty and drives local support (see our example content plan for more ideas)
  6. Agree a framework of what is acceptable in terms of comments from the public and what isn’t and how you handle this or where a troll or spam is identified.

The United States Air Force developed a posting assessment and Google have also adopted this premise in their social media handling protocols.  We’ve summarised a simple posting assessment protocol here for you which can be downloaded and incorporated into your social media engagements.

Social Media Posting Assessment

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