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Partnering for a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

We believe that, working as a healthcare network together with our Customers and stakeholders is key to driving sustainable value.

Carbon Reduction Plan

Please download the latest CRP here (Synergy Health UK Ltd)

Please download the latest CRP here (STERIS Solutions Ltd)

Please download the latest CRP here (STERIS IMS Ltd)



To work in partnership with the NHS to improve the environment via their NHS Net Zero Initiative and other projects and activities and to make a commitment to reduce any damaging effects on the environment from our business processes



To support community initiatives that benefit the health and wellbeing of society



To take a responsible lead as a key employer in the local and national healthcare community


Education and Training

To facilitate opportunities to learn and develop for our people, Customers and the community


STERIS Insight is the new online educational platform for STERIS IMS Customers.

In our 2017 Customer Survey, we noted the importance of sharing best practice and accessing our expertise to our Customers. STERIS Insight is a members area, giving the healthcare community access to the latest thinking around industry news, videos, webinars, and podcasts. Please note Insight is for Customers or individuals working in healthcare provision in the public or private sector.

Visit Insight

Customers first

Our Customer is the most important person in our business, to be treated with the utmost respect. No business activity, other than safety, is as important to us than listening, learning and providing superior product and service solutions to our Customer.



We are committed to the safety and success of our people. We expect the performance of every person to continually improve with personal initiative and proper support. We treat each other with mutual respect and have fun in our work.



We are leaders not followers. Our company is built on a collection of innovative ideas and a passion for continuous improvement. We challenge the status quo and take measured risks, exploring big and small ideas that improve our quality, delivery and cost performance daily. We provide meaningful value to our Customers with our product & service solutions.



We believe unity of purpose and teamwork enables us to do far more than we could do individually. We draw strength from each other and communicate with fairness, candour, respect and courage respectfully stating what we think even if it is unpopular. Our collaboration turns interesting ideas into great product and service solutions.



We say what we mean and we honour our commitments. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our results. We prefer action today versus tomorrow. We understand that value is created in our product development centres, our factories and at our Customers sites.



We are stewards of the long-term success of our business — we create superior value for our people and our shareholders. We are trustworthy and honest, and carry out our work in a professional, ethical and legal manner. We challenge actions with our values.


As a business that relies heavily on logistics and delivery infrastructure we know that any contribution matters.

In addition to our logistical footprint, the equipment we utilise can appear to consume resources and so, as a business we are seeking ways in which we can reduce our energy footprint.

A greener vehicle fleet

We use Ingenium Dynamics™ on our vehicle feet, which enables us to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of how our drivers operate their vehicles including:

  • Efficient accelerating
  • Braking styles
  • Fuel consumption

As such, this system enables us to reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet through economical and safe driver behaviours. We demand the most effective and sustainable outcomes from all our suppliers and our corporate fleet is no exception. Through our auto lease arrangements we are committed to minimising pollution, continually improving our fleet to adopt new green technologies (where they are available) and in complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.


STERIS 1300 Cart Washer recycles 70% of its water


STERIS Vision Single Chamber saves up to 535,800 litres of water per year


11.7% improvement in vehicle fuel efficiency


STERIS is improving the fuel efficiency of its fleet of nearly 2,000 vehicles. 900 vans will be soon replaced with crossover vehicles


The remainder of the STERIS fleet will be evaluated for the market of more sustainable vehicles


STERIS implemented low-energy lighting at factories, offices and distribution centres across the world