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Our People

Sterile Services Technician

Angela Kane

I used to have a very stressful part time job when I started looking online for different vacancies. I stumbled across STERIS and to be honest I didn’t really know that a Sterile Service Technician was a job!

In May 2017 I started working as a Technician for STERIS and I have discovered a true fascination for surgical instruments which has really boosted my learning and development. I even have an app on my phone where I can practice instrument recognition and learn how the different instruments are used!

I am relatively new at STERIS and the support and training I was given when I started was excellent, it is such an important job and you play such a vital role in the care of patients. That said you never feel overwhelmed as there is always management support and refresher training available to ensure you have the right skills and knowledge to perform at your best.

I have had surgery and the thought of someone else having their procedure cancelled or delayed due to poor management in sterile services motivates me to stay focused and to improve every day.

We have a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere at work but we never get complacent or forget the importance of what we do. The level of team work at STERIS is excellent and far beyond that at any of my previous work places because people come together in order to deliver such an important service.

I was working during the terrible Manchester attack which really demonstrated the importance of our job. To know that I was a cog in the wheel which saved people’s lives made me realise that I have a job where I can really make a difference.

Working as a Technician for STERIS is a very diverse role, it may not seem like it but there is always something new to learn in the huge variety of instruments and trays which we process.

I can honestly say that I have become a better person since joining STERIS, the friendly work environment and the truly rewarding job, knowing I make a difference for patient outcomes, makes me look forward to going to work every single day. I have enjoyed it so much that I even convinced my husband to come and work for STERIS!

Operations Manager

Sophia Bonsu

In September 2017 I started as the Operations Manager at our facility in Surrey after completing my placement on the STERIS Graduate Scheme.

As the Operations Manager I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the unit, ensuring targets are met and an excellent level of service is provided to our Customers at all times.

As an Operations Manager at STERIS you can expect a very diverse role managing people, products, inventory, purchasing and Customer Service. I chose to pursue a role within operations since I am motivated and driven by short term wins and results. I can see the impact of my efforts and everyday offers new challenges and my role allows me to be at the front end of our business, closer to the patient.

The best part of my role at STERIS is that I can improve our services and really make a difference by coming up with new ideas to bring efficiency to the production process.

This is enabled by the highly proactive environment at STERIS where information sharing and collaboration is always encouraged, at STERIS everyone works together to bring the best service for our Customers.

STERIS offers plenty of opportunity and there is always support and guidance from the management teams. STERIS also invests in your personal development by ensuring all necessary training is provided which enables you to perform at your best.

STERIS is a consistently growing business in a dynamic and exciting industry and there is always opportunity to move across business segments as long as you are proactive and go after the opportunities.

During my time at STERIS I have grown on both a professional and personal level. The welcoming and warm culture is consistent throughout the business which encourages you to interact with and learn from people on all different levels.

Production Supervisor

Monica Lorentsen

I have been in the sterile services industry for over 20 years, working both inside the NHS and for private service providers. I took the role as Production Supervisor at the STERIS IMS facility in Manchester six years ago when one of my colleagues at my previous job encouraged me to apply.

As part of my job I supervise our production processes, assist staff with enquiries and manage the training and introduction for any new staff.

I truly enjoy the diversity of my job as it involves both people and operational management. The most rewarding aspect is to see the development of my colleagues and to ensure that they enjoy their job and are provided with all necessary training and support. I work the night shift (which is always very busy) we have a great team and an excellent working atmosphere which helps us meet targets and keep our Customers happy. And the additional pay for working nights is always welcome!

Having worked elsewhere in this industry I have found STERIS to have very high standards in terms of quality. As a production supervisor I ensure that we meet the high quality and operational standards by monitoring performance and ensuring everyone maintains a good level of efficiency. This can be a challenge, but I have found STERIS to have a good balance when it comes to seeing to their employees needs while ensuring a consistent focus on the quality of the service.

Working for STERIS gives you plenty of opportunities for development in terms of training but also to advance within the business, we have facilities all over the UK and there is always the opportunity to apply for roles at other sites which is one of the many advantages of working for a large business.

STERIS always aim to advertise any roles internally first which gives us the opportunity to advance within the business. I would recommend a career at STERIS to anyone who enjoys a rewarding job in a happy team driven atmosphere.

Regional Quality Manager

Ronan Mackey

My first quality role was in an engineering company, that was 25 years ago and in 2002 I moved across into the Sterile Services industry and have been with STERIS ever since!

Ensuring patient safety is a consistent focus through quality management is the very core of our business. As a Regional Quality Manager, I ensure in my supporting role that we implement, maintain and improve the quality management system across our UK southern region.

A role in quality means no day is the same and you never get bored. You face many different challenges and need to be confident in applying a problem-solving approach to ensure the quality of the service is maintained at all times.

The best part about my role (and probably why I have been here for 16 years) is the extensive interaction with so many other areas of the business. To ensure consistent focus on patient safety there is continuous collaboration with operations, engineering, training and senior management.

As a Quality Manager you will gain knowledge and expertise within all these core functions which offers excellent opportunities for professional development. There are also high levels of interaction with Customers, ensuring compliance and regulations are incorporated into any new Customer requirements, so apart from working internally to improve our service I also communicate with the Customers on quality related matters and ensure we always strive to meet their demands by applying a resilient and consistently improved service.

STERIS is a global business offering a world of opportunities. If you have the drive and ambition the world of STERIS is your oyster! It is a truly rewarding industry and you can really make a difference. Our whole team from the bottom and up make a significant impact on patient safety that’s why the whole chain and managing that whole process is so crucial.

The people within STERIS are very supportive and we have a very collaborative culture which means we always help each other in challenging times. We also have a great working atmosphere resulting in good team work which means we are able to consistently move forwards and improve our service whilst having fun doing so.

If you enjoy a very diverse role where you get the opportunity to combine process management with a technical understanding, then a quality role within STERIS is definitely something you will enjoy. Experience of quality management and understanding of regulatory and legislative requirements are also very desirable across the industry regardless of title or responsibilities.

Continuous Improvement Manager

Stuart West

I joined STERIS Instrument Management Services in 2013 as a Project Engineer. As part of the acquisition by STERIS, Lean principles were introduced more widely across the UK business and in April 2017 I was appointed the Continuous Improvement Manager for STERIS IMS UK.

The Continuous Improvement Manager role has initially been focused on introducing and implementing Lean across our UK facilities by teaching Lean principles and mentoring/leading improvement projects such as improving the services at our Instrument repair facility by maximising efficiency in key processes.

My current role allows me to apply problem solving strategies in combination with encouraging collaboration between different business segments and engaging colleagues in continuous improvement initiatives. It is truly rewarding when you get to see the results of improved services as a result of the work you have driven.

Being a global leading health care provider, STERIS offers a lot of opportunities to progress internationally and network with people from all over the world.

During my time at STERIS I have had the opportunity to visit : Turkey, Bahrain and recently the US where I did training in Lean leadership.

Apart from offering excellent opportunities in terms of career development, the culture at STERIS is very open and interactive which provides an excellent environment for exchanging ideas. At STERIS you will get the opportunity to work closely with people across all levels of the business taking projects from initiation through to delivery which gives you a great feeling of recognition and accomplishment.

My advice to anyone considering joining us is to not be afraid of embedding themselves into the business and gain exposure to new business experiences. Working for STERIS allows you to be at the front end of the industry and make a difference to the care delivered to patients across the world.

Sterile Services Technician

Olusola Daramola

I have worked in sterile services for 9 years and in October 2017 I joined STERIS Instrument Management Services as a technician.

I enjoy working in this industry since my role and efforts really make a difference for people.

Having been in the industry for many years I have gained lots of experience enabling me to work in any area of production, which results in a very diverse role. The management and supervisory team at STERIS are very good and there are excellent opportunities for training and development, which can help you advance within the business if you wish.

For me, a big advantage of working for STERIS is job security. STERIS are dominating the industry and technicians are always required across the industry and at other STERIS facilities if you wish to try a different role or want a change of environment.

Having worked for other service providers I have also found STERIS to offer a very competitive salary.

STERIS is a widely diverse company where everyone is welcome and we have an excellent atmosphere with a wide range of different ethnicities and backgrounds. I would advise anyone considering applying for a position at STERIS to take the opportunity to work for a growing company where your efforts are recognised.


Anna Earle

As Bid Manager I identify opportunities for our business to grow and based on those opportunities I create project teams to ensure we fully demonstrate how we meet the needs of any prospect Customers.

Our main client is the NHS and when they go- to- market they search for the best quality and value in services to ensure tax payers money is utilised efficiently. My role combines business development with a consistent drive for innovation and improvement to ensure we meet new and existing Customer requirements by delivering and implementing a service which ensures a consistent focus on quality and patient safety.

The best part of my role is when I can see the impact our service has for a Customer in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction and quality.

I am also the main point of contact between STERIS and potential Customers which gives me the opportunity to interact closely with our Customers and understand their specific needs and challenges.

In order to consistently improve our service offerings and deliver resilient and flexible solutions to our Customers, we are dependent on a strong team ethos and excellent communication. Despite being a large organisation, there is a family atmosphere within STERIS IMS which facilitates strong collaboration and team work.

We have a very open line of communication and people really value your opinions and ideas regardless of seniority. Our flat and open structure increases our innovative ability and makes everyone feel like a valuable member of the team.

Personally, I think this type of internal structure enables you to develop professionally as you are encouraged to take initiative and put forward new ideas. Due to size and global expansion, STERIS gives you the opportunity to pave your own way if you are passionate about a certain area. For me this has resulted in a leading role within our new business, STERIS Animal Health Services. I have always been passionate about animals and have now been given the opportunity to develop our new business within the veterinary market. I think this really demonstrates STERIS’ dedication to their employee’s development and interest. If you are willing to challenge yourself in various roles in a friendly and creative environment, STERIS is the place for you!